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What is physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is an important part of your rehabilitation. Techniques such as exercise, manipulation, massage, skills training and

electrical treatment are used to help you heal and recover your movement.


The main focus of physiotherapy after your stroke is

to help you learn to use both sides of your body again and regain as much strength and movement as possible


Neurophysiotherapy is a type of physiotherapy designed to treat problems that originate within the brain, and it is important that you receive this for at least part of your recovery. A neurophysiotherapist

is trained to understand and treat the changes caused by neurological

conditions (ones that affect the nervous system, including stroke).

Stroke and Physiotherapy

How can physiotherapy help?


After a stroke, our brains cannot grow new cells to replace the ones that have been damaged, so your recovery depends on your

brain’s ability to reorganise its undamaged cells and make up for what has been lost. This is called neuroplasticity. Physiotherapy

can provide expert practical guidance to help.

Second Chance Group have a resident Neurophysiotherapist who runs a 1 hour session at the Club every Tuesday. The excercises are mainly chair based with an emphasis on regaining movement.


The sessions are light hearted and fun for all the participants who look forward to these weekly sessions.

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